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dealWIP and Altaclaro have partnered to provide free access to premium training content relating to the due diligence process. Altaclaro is a leading provider of training content that helps legal professionals to efficiently and effectively learn new skills with bite-sized videos, interactive quizzes, realistic simulation exercises, and direct feedback from expert mentors. All on-demand on your schedule. Learn more here.


The below is our curated 15 minute due diligence primer, which gives business and transactional professionals with limited experience with the due diligence process foundational knowledge they need to get started. We hope you enjoy!


Video 1: What is Due Diligence?




Video 2: Types of Investors/Buyers



Video 3: Due Diligence Requests



Video 4: Due Diligence Scope



Video 5: Data Privacy and Security



Video 6: Corporate Documents



Video 7: General Contract Issue Spotting



Video 8: Employment Agreements



Video 9: Anti-Assignment/Consents



Video 10: Change of Control 



Video 11: Other Key Contract Terms



Video 12: Vendor and Supplier Agreements